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Management Consultancy

Management Consultancy is our way of helping improve an organization’s overall performance. We do this by carrying out our services using our own methodology and financial systems. This is how… Read More

Internal Audit and Review

Through internal audit and review, we can help the organization evaluate its effectiveness in internal controls. Effective and efficient operations are vital in achieving the organization’s goals… Read More

Transaction Processing

Most businesses want to focus on the processes that they are very comfortable with. Through our transaction processes services, organizations can commit on their core objectives while we do their…Read More

Tax Compliance

Any existing organization is involved with taxes. Failure to do so would result to tax liabilities. But for an organization, paying taxes is not as easy at is sounds. It can lead to a lot of… Read More

F & A Outsourcing

Back end office transactions can be very tedious. We provide outsourcing services to your organization specifically on accounting and financial services. When you outsource with us, you are… Read More

Training & Seminars

SS & Associates wants to make sure that your organization reaches success in every aspect. Aside from the relevant services that we offer, we are also in partnership with EAA … Read More

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Why Outsource?

Any business owner would like to capitalize on matters of the business that they are very knowledgeable of. They leverage on their strengths. In line with this, they can give ideas , make plans and implement as well. From planning to actual implementation, many business owners would agree that doing business is not an easy task. There needs to be checks and balances in every process, most  especially in the accounting department. Accounting is the language of business… Read More